Burn Team

Burn Instructors


Michelle Severo


Michelle has a passion for cycling, family, and overall wellbeing. After her first cycling class she was hooked! Her love for this challenging workout has lead her down a path to opening her own studio. Born and raised in Burbank, she has a special love for the city, and is very fortunate to become a business owner within it’s community. Michelle is highly motivated and goal oriented in everything she sets her mind to. While raising her 4 children Michelle is currently putting time and energy into Burn Cycle in hopes it inspires riders to look beyond their self-imposed limitations to become more. Michelle’s goals for the studio is to create an environmentwhere positive thinking creates positive results.

“It’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.”

Kristin Polega

Director of Training

Kristin, has been teaching all forms of group exercise classes since 2004. In addition to indoor cycling Kristin has taught pilates, yoga, lifting, circuit and ab classes. She has a Bachelors degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training and brings her vast knowledge of movement studies and exercise science to each of her classes by focusing on proper form and technique for targeting specific muscle groups to get the most optimal total body workout on the bike. Born and raised a Jersey girl, Kristin moved to California in 2004 to pursue her Masters Degree from USC in Physician Assistant Studies. Fitness has always been her true passion and an integral part of her life since childhood. Her classes are upbeat, high energy and will take you through a variety of endurance focused and strength building drills.

Terry Walker

Fun. Exhilarating. Engaging.

Terry has been teaching indoor cycling for over 17 years at a host of places from Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Hollywood and the San Fernando Valley. His training as a dancer and choreographer at Columbia in Chicago and his indoor cycling training and certification received by Reebox has helped him create a structured workout which incorporates all muscle groups, increase cardiovascular strength and endurance all while getting your groove on. In addition to instructing indoor cycling classes, Terry has taught body sculpting classes, High Energy Aerobic Training (aka – HEAT) cardio classes done on a treadmill and a signature abs class which have been written up in the local periodical. Terry’s longevity, experience, and reputation in the fitness industry have earned him the loyalty of many faithful clients. Terry is one instructor that brings more that just a workout to class, he brings his “sassy” attitude and makes everyone feel like part of the family. If he doesn’t make you laugh, no one will. Make sure and reserve your spot early, his wait list can get full days in advance!

Traci Fellman

Supportive. Stress relieving. Energetic.

Traci began taking indoor cycling classes in 2007 to improve her cycling performance for triathlons. She quickly became addicted to the high-energy, high-intensity classes, and started teaching in 2008. Traci’s class provides a workout that blends strength and cardio and is set to music to keep you motivated (maybe even singing along). Her goal is to make sure you feel better at the end of the class than you did when you walked into the studio. Traci is in charge of our 5pm Happy Hour class on Tuesdays & Thursday. She definitely rocks the house with her music and routine!

68Gayle Bassett

Positive.  Inspiring.  Addicting.

Gayle is an experience cycling instructor and has trained with many very talented master instructors in the cycling world. Gayle has a ton of energy and a passion for motivating, inspiring and challenging her riders. She focuses on rhythm and inspiration in music, perfecting an exciting new playlist each class.  Her class is not just a workout, it is a flowing experience.  Gayle encourages riders to push through their challenges on the bike and in everyday life and to understand that we are in control of our lives and our bodies, nobody else! She is a mother of 4 with an ultra-positive, fun, endearing personality that makes you want to push yourself harder than ever.

“I can’t wait to share my passion and energy in class!”


Karlos Ramirez

Fast-Paced.   Non-Stop.   High-Energy

Karlos has been a devoted indoor cyclist for the past 12 years and owes a lot of his personal growth and transformation to indoor cycling. In 2008, he was given a chance to instruct his first spin class at the Burbank Athletic Club (BAC) which he nailed! At that time he also discovered his passion in life is to help and inspire others and what better way to do than through exercise. He’s been instructing now for over 6 years and has managed to create quite a name for himself. Not only is he a current instructor at the BAC, he has also instructed at a few other clubs in the past including THE BURN! His style of teaching has evolved over the years and has progressively become a lot more challenging with a serious focus on form and breath. He challenges all indoor cyclists, from the beginners to the most advance. His classes are fast-paced, non-stop and high-energy, building on personal strength, speed and endurance. You will never find yourself humming to the same tune twice in his class due to the ever changing variety of great music.

“Karlos’ classes are challenging but nevertheless fun, inspiring, and guaranteed to work up a good sweat. “

Burn Staff

Aimee Gonzalez

Studio Manager

Aimee is a familiar and friendly face at the front desk. Her education is in Health Science and plans to become a nurse. Her passion is to pursue a career in helping others in the medical profession. When she is not at The Burn, Aimee spends time with her family and friends and truly believes the importance of a strong family unit. There is no problem she cannot solve at The Burn Cycle!!

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Kyle Lucero

Front Desk Staff

Kyle is a smiling face at the front desk. He is currently attending Burbank High School where he plays baseball and focuses on his studies. Kyle wants to become a Pediatric Cardiologist one day and is working hard to achieve his goals.