Classes & Pricing

The Burn Cycle offers a variety of classes including our signature fusion classes where work is done both on and off of the bike! We believe variety is the spice of life and will keep those muscles constantly improving and begging for more! Try them all!

Your first ride is always free!

Single Class: $15 expires 30 days
5 class series: $65 expires 60 days
10 class series: $120 expires 90 days
15 class series: $165 expires 180 days
30 day unlimited: $139 includes all classes 
30 day unlimited with 6 month auto-pay: $99 includes all classes 

Class Schedule

Please be sure to always check Mindbody for the most up to date schedule and instructor information. The schedule subject to change.


6:30am Shaun- Rise & Ride

6:00pm Terry – 3rd Degree Burn Cycle

7:00pm Lisa – Burn Power Cycle


5:00pm Traci – Happy Hour Cycle

6:00pm Shaun- Real Cycle

7:00pm Kristin – Burn & Firm Cycle


6:30am Shaun- Rise & Ride

6:00pm Terry – 3rd Degree Burn Cycle

7:00pm Gayle- Wacky Wednesday Theme Night


5:00pm Traci- Happy Hour Cycle

6:00pm Shaun- Real Cycle

7:00pm Kristin – Burn & Firm Cycle


6:00pm Terry – 3rd Degree Burn Cycle


8:00am Karlos- Burn to The Beat

9:00am Terry – 3rd Degree Burn Cycle

10:30am Lisa- Burn Power including Fleet Feet


9:00 am Kristin- Spinsanity (90min)

11:00am Kristin – 30 min free Introduction class – new riders only. reservations necessary


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Class Descriptions

 Burn Power cycle with Lisa:  A 50-minute total body power ride including variations of cardiovascular workouts, endurance training, and strengthening drills for the core and upper body. The class is designed around power and heart-rate. Your ride will consist of extended periods at or just above functional power threshold.   This powerful ride is full of strength and personal stanima!!

Happy Hour with Traci:  A 50-minute ride designed to improve cardiovascular function, build endurance, strengthen your muscles, and leave you smiling. Sweat out the stress of the day at Happy Hour!

Burn & Firm with Kristin:  A Burn Cylce Exclusive! A 75 minute class starting with a 55 min ride which is not only a leg workout, but incorporates upper body strengthening and core stabilizing drills. Your ride will be a combination of a cardiovascular workout as well as an endurance and upper body strength building routine followed by 15 minutes of abdominal work on the mat. This class is a TOTAL BODY workout and a must for those looking to add variety and get in shape! You may bring wrist weights or weighted gloves.

3rd Degree Burn with Terry:  a 50 minute cadence ride focusing on proper form and designed to improve cardiovascular function, build endurance and strengthen your muscles. This is a ride like know other, get lost in the beat of the music and feel the burn.

Real Cycle with Shaun:  For 50 minutes, travel varied terrain, undertake long hills with multiple gear shifts, speed up on intervals, face wind resistance and settle into endurance pack riding – all guided by specialized instruction and energizing music. This intense ride is perfect for the outdoor enthusiast and novice alike, the Real Cycle is designed to train you for a competitive edge in a body that can deliver in real life. This is a no-excuses class! Get strong, get fit!

Rhythm Burn with Gayle: This class is a 50 minute high energy ride focusing on interval training and riding to the rhythm.  The bass thumping music keeps it fun and intense. This class takes the rider through a journey of mental and physical challenges.  You will come out of this ride feeling stronger and inspired!

Wacky Wednesday Theme Nights with Gayle: This class is always a suprise theme. A 50 minute high energy ride with a whole lot of fun while riding to the rhythm. Check Instagram or Facebook every Monday to see what she has in store for you. This is a fun, energy filled Wacky Wednesday Night Ride… you won’t want to miss….Trust me!

Burn To The Beat with Karlos: Challenge yourself with this 50 minute journey where you’ll cycle along with a variety of heart thumping beats that leave you feeling… “The Burn!” Each song selection takes you through a unique experience for the ultimate cycling challenge. Go beyond your limits and center yourself by focusing on proper cycling form. You won’t ever ride to the same tune twice resulting in a different indoor cycling experience every single time. These music driven exercises are designed to help improve strength, speed, endurance and of course, burn a maximum amount of calories. If you love music and a fast-paced, intense workout, then this is the class for you!

Spin-sanity with Kristin: This insane 90 minute class starts  with a 50 minute ride full  of drills to challenge every muscle in your body! Be ready for anything in this class from hills, sprints, jumps, isolations, push-ups, stands, runs or resistance digs! Just when your legs start to shake, we drop the intensity way down for a 15 minute interval tricking those tired muscles into thinking they’re done. Then the real fun begins when we kick it back into high gear and finish the class with whatever last drop of energy you have left! Get ready to work harder than you ever thought you could and sweat like crazy! Take every memory about every intense workout you’ve ever had and roll it up into a ball of Spin Awesomeness, and you’ll start to get the idea of Spinsanity!!

Introduction to Indoor Cycling: This is a 30 minute free introductory class to the world of Indoor Cycling.  Clients will each get personalized attention and assistance with proper set-up on the bike, the various cycling positions and proper riding techniques.  This class is a must for those who have never taken Indoor Cycling.  It is offered twice a week to help alleviate those ‘first ride jitters’. Reservations only.